30 days 30 birds - digital illustration

In August 2020, I challenged myself to create a vector illustration of a bird for 30 days. Each day I picked a bird, sketched ideas for composition, and refined it into a finished illustration. Along the way, I explored a variety of tools to improve my workflow and experimented with patterns, alternate colorways, and animation.

Tools: Procreate (iPad), Illustrator (iPad & desktop), Affinity Designer (iPad), AfterEffects

Kelp Forest Orca - digital illustration

Soon after I moved to Seattle, Washington, I found myself fascinated by the orca whales in Puget Sound. The few times I have seen them offshore have been breathtaking, surreal moments, and led me to imagine what their underwater world was like.

Tools: ProCreate (iPad), Photoshop

Ocean Greeting Cards - Paper Crafting

I grew up crafting and creating cards for friends and family for special occasions. Drawing inspiration from some of my favorite ocean animals, I've created a few card designs to sell in my shop. With original designs, I've experimented with different techniques in my studio including printing, layering paper cut outs, foiling, and combinations of these for a unique and multi-dimensional card that I hope will bring joy and delight to the recipient!

Tools: Illustrator, Photoshop, Silhouette Studio & printing production supplies

Watercolor Painting and Illustration

One of my biggest interests is painting with watercolor and other traditional media. Here are a few paintings and I regularly share new work on instagram @sea.mello

Tools: Watercolor, gouache, paper & other art supplies

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