Caffe Ibis Coffee

Packaging design for a canned coffee beverage
4 Weeks | Student Project


Caffe Ibis wants to expand their market into ready to drink coffee beverages to appeal to coffee drinkers on the go.


Taking inspiration from Caffe Ibis’ existing branding, products, and ethos, I developed a new sub-brand and packaging design that invites coffee drinkers to enjoy a peek into the world where the bird-friendly coffee beans were sourced from.




Procreate (iPad)


Step into the forest

Good coffee starts with good people. Caffe Ibis PRESERVE iced coffees are made with Bird-Friendly Certified coffee beans. This means our coffee plants are grown under tree canopies that provide important habitat for migratory birds. Shade-grown coffee ripens slowly, resulting in a richer, more complex flavor.



Caffe Ibis is a coffee shop and roastery located in the Cache Valley in Logan Utah. Founded in 1976, they began roasting coffee in 1985. They currently offer bagged coffee that is available in hundreds of stores across the US and at their cafe/storefront.
Their coffee is triple certified: organic, fair trade, and bird-friendly. To be certified as bird-friendly means that the coffee plants are planted under existing tree canopies which are critical for migratory bird species. Beyond providing fresh and high-quality coffee, Caffe Ibis is unique in its commitment to supporting social justice, environmental stewardship, and agricultural integrity both locally and abroad.
With this in mind, I chose to highlight the bird-friendly commitment of their coffee bean sourcing to help the ready-to-drink coffee product stand out amongst others on the shelf and to reflect the brand's value-driven work.

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